Abstracts Vol 31 (2010)

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CryoLetters Abstracts Volume 31 (2010)

Published Meetings Abstracts (PDFs)

  • Abstracts to a Meeting of Workgroup 2 of the COST Action 871
    ("Cryopreservation of Crop Species in Europe").
    The title of the meeting was "Integration of Cryopreservation in Genebank Strategies"
     It was held at IPK Gatersleben, Germany, on September 11 09 2009.
  • SLTB Annual Scientific Meeting, AGM and Symposium
    "Application of Cryobiology from Human Tissue Engineering to Plant Genebank Integration" September 7-9, 2009, Leibniz Universitaet Hannover and the IPK Gatersleben, German

In Memoriam

  • Karl Erik Zachariassen, 1942-2009

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